“When I woke up the next day, I knew it had worked.”

A colleague of mine started going to SpeedFit every week. She would breeze into the office in the morning, fresh from her SpeedFit session at Cloisters Arcade. Honestly, I was sceptical. I’d been working out in gyms since I was a teenager. “How can you get an effective workout in 20 minutes?”, I’d think to myself. I was happy for her because she was certainly enjoying it, but I felt like it wasn’t for me.

She’d dropped some weight and was embracing a healthier lifestyle. I noticed she was eating clean lunches and was taking the stairs instead of the lift. She had much more energy. I put it down to the change in her lifestyle. It certainly couldn’t be the 20 minutes a week she did at SpeedFit. She kept going every week and kept encouraging me to try it. And every week I’d politely decline or make some excuse why I couldn’t go.

Then one day my world collapsed. I was exercising one day when I landed awkwardly after a jump and shattered my right knee. I tore my meniscus, anterior cruciate, medial collateral and lateral collateral ligaments and broke the top of the tibia. My surgeon said it was one of the worst knee injuries he’d seen and that he expected me to recover in 24 months. Maybe even longer. I was told that there was definitely no way I would be allowed to go back to training the way I had in the past.

I had my surgery and began my long road to recovery. I was out of work for a month or so and had to go through my physiotherapy every excruciating day. My physio gave me a small portable EMS machine to help me maintain some strength in my quads. Twice a day I would sit on the floor in front of the TV and apply the gel covered electrodes to my leg above my swollen and aching knee. I’d turn on the EMS machine and do my exercises.

My physio encouraged me to stay with the EMS training. He printed out a peer-reviewed journal article on the benefits of EMS training for me to read. I was impressed. I went home and searched for more information on the Internet about it. I was progressing faster than my surgeon expected. Maybe the EMS had something to do with it?

Soon I was cleared to return to work. Not long after that I was allowed to begin weight-bearing. Despite the positive progress it was slow going. Months had now passed, and I had begun to put on weight. My confidence had begun to wane. I wasn’t feeling myself anymore.

Remember my SpeedFit colleague I mentioned earlier? Well she organised a free trial with Domi at Cloister’s Arcade for me. I hobbled down on my crutches and swung into the studio being quite unsure about what to expect. Domi greeted me with a smile, asked about my injury and how she could help. After an hour of talking about my limitations I was booked in for the following week. She’d developed a training plan for me, and we were going to recover together as a team.

The training was incredible. We did as much as my broken body could handle. We did some squats, some leg extensions and tried a lunge. There was nothing wrong with my upper body so we would work that as hard as I could. I remember thinking after leaving the studio, “That was weird.” When I woke up the next day, I knew it had worked. My body felt like I had done a heavy weights workout. From there I was hooked.

That first session was 11 months ago. I’ve attended every week since then and stayed with my recovery plan. I still go to SpeedFit every week. I’ve lost all the weight that I put on, I’m squatting and jumping again and one month ago I began taking short runs. I’m back!



“I loved the feeling of having muscles that have worked hard!”

How did you hear about SpeedFit and why did you start with SpeedFit?

I have heard about SpeedFit through Facebook advertising and I was attracted to the new innovation, the simple 20 minutes per week program, and the location. I was intrigued, so I signed up for the 3 classes for $90 introduction to see if I liked it.  I  REALLY liked it. My first session was great. The appointment was booked for 1 on 1 with a personal trainer, which was a good way to be introduced to something new. I loved the feeling during the session, and could feel the difference as soon as I left… and the three days afterwards!! I loved the feeling of having muscles that have worked hard, knowing that they are building and growing.

It has been five months since I started now. I had one longer break when I was away, but I am definitely stronger, and I am more motivated to be more active in my day to day life as a result of my regular weekly sessions at SpeedFit. My work life is really erratic and I travel a lot, so knowing that I have a base foundational strength, and a once a week session – eases the pressure of full-on workouts when my routine is all over the place.

I know nutrition is a big part of any success. I am starting to explore this now, I am watching my nutrition more and trying a low carb diet – although nothing very regimented. I eat a lot of whole foods and intend to experiment more using the resources available at SpeedFit.

I enjoy working with a training buddy – usually the same woman, who is great – but it’s also fun meeting new people. I love that there are only two of us, sometimes just me, so I get full attention and the best experience and results. The trainers are wonderful. There’s always banter, and challenge, and a lot of encouragement. I love the feeling at the end where my body is zinging and tired, but feeling really alive.

In terms of results so far, I have gained 1kg of lean muscle mass- and while the scales are more- the scans are revealing changes in my body that are more important than simple weight measurement. I am feeling stronger, I have definitely more energy, I am more motivated to make even more progress. I am making better choices for myself, based not from guilt, but from a place of love and wellness for myself.


“I was feeling muscles where I had never felt them before! Even before having my three kids.”

It all started when …

I saw an advertisement on Facebook for the 3 sessions for $90 and thought, what did I have to lose! I don’t have time for the gym three to four times a week so when I saw that it was only once a week for 20 minutes I knew I had to give it a go. 

Knowing that if I take the time to put into my health and body I would be a much happier mum and wife. I knew that I could handle things mentally much easier when I felt fitter and healthier which was super important for me with a newborn, a preteen and a teen.

With three kids, one in high school, one who does 12 hours of dance every week plus competition, a baby under one (just turned one yay!), working three days a week and a husband who is a FIFO worker, time is extremely valuable and hard to come by.

Since I started it, prior to my pregnancy I lost 13kg with SpeedFit. I stopped during pregnancy and put on 22kgs with my daughter.  After the initial weight loss from after the pregnancy I was left with 15 kilos to my pre-pregnancy weight and managed to lose that 15kgs plus 2 more, so 17kgs in total.

In this whole process, the first thing I noticed was …

how much quicker weight was coming off and how much toner my body was getting. I was feeling muscles where I had never felt them before! Even before having my three kids.

So tell us, did you do any other exercise? No. SpeedFit is the only exercise I do every week. My life is quite on the go so I don’t do much sitting around anyways however it has been the only form of proper exercise I have been doing. 

And how about your food, did you make any changes?

Yes absolutely. I cut out sugar and carbs which helped me lose weight. I still had my “bad” days however just got straight back onto healthy eating after. As I am getting older I find eating healthy wasn’t just about weight. If I ate crappy food I felt crappy. If I ate healthy food I felt so much more energetic and happier.

 I totally recommend SpeedFit, especially to busy mums who shutter at the idea of trying to fit in hours of the gym each week to their already hectic lives.  

SpeedFit and the team at SpeedFit Currambine (love ya Ingrid and Helen) have changed my life and my way of thinking when it comes to fitness. I use to dread having to go to the gym several times a week and really could only stick to it for a short period of time because of time restraints. I have been doing SpeedFit now for nearly two years and hate the occasional week where I have missed training due to sickness etc. It is now a massive and important part of my weekly routine and I am so happy that I found out about it. The people are amazing, the training is amazing. It’s just really been an amazing experience! 


“Wanted to build my strength, but couldn’t commit to three gym sessions a week!”


I have been training with Speedfit for close to 2 years now. I was running a lot and had a few problems with my knees. I wanted to build my strength a little but couldn’t commit to 3 gym sessions a week.

Saw a report on Today Tonight about SpeedFit, it made me curious. Could it REALLY do what it claimed and in 20 minutes a week??

I had been walking past the studio at Cloisters and suddenly made the connection. I took the opportunity one day to go in and speak with the staff.

Changes did not come overnight

I have noticed my strength is better overall and when I do run on the odd occasion these days, my form and performance are improved.

Squats and lunges were my least favourite exercise are now my FAVOURITE. Training has targeted these areas, improving my muscle definition, improving my cellulite. 

Diet and nutrition

I don’t drink much alcohol and have continued using a protein shake to supplement my intake, especially after every SpeedFit session. I am not running as much and am loving the skin I am in!!!

At the moment, I try to follow a pescatarian diet whilst avoiding dairy and wheat.

How did you go during your training sessions? Is there something you enjoy the most?

I really looked forward to my training sessions, I love the fact it’s two people to one trainer, a personal workout. I like the commitment to 20mins of training and my week is done. 

I feel I am a little addicted to the actual sensation of the machine, it’s a great workout!! 

When it comes to fat loss, I haven’t really lost weight from this training, I have gained muscle and strength which was my main goal. I feel this has also contributed to a positive mindset and am always motivated by the amazing team here at CBD!!

We love your motivation and determination Klare! Stay kind and beautiful, motivated and most importantly, stay you We love having you as part of SpeedFit Family!




“You HAVE TO give this a go!”


That is Lisa’s advice to everyone who wants to change for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

I heard about SpeedFit on the TV a few years back. I was going to the local gym at that time and my kids were swimming at the same centre, so going to the gym worked for me then. I had been going to the gym and working out for years and I genuinely loved it.

But I was finding that as I was getting older, my knees and shoulders were starting to hurt, and I have always had lower back issues. I was also finding that as I aged I had to work harder and longer to get the results I used to get when I was younger. I just wasn’t loving the gym anymore. I was over it. We all feel “Ugh I don’t want to go to the gym today” but once we are there, it feels good. I got to a point that once I was there and working out, I was thinking to myself, “I just don’t want to be here”. I was so over the gym environment.

Then I remembered the SpeedFit segment I had seen on telly a couple of years earlier, so I googled it and did some research. I thought it couldn’t be real. Only 20 minutes a week is all you need for your weight training? It can’t be true. I had to try it. So off I went and I have never looked back.

I have been going to SpeedFit for 18 months now. I still get sore for 2 or 3 days after every session. It blows my mind that I only need to fit in 20 minutes a week to feel this way. I love it. There has never been a day that I haven’t felt like going.

Weight loss wasn’t a big priority for me. I just wanted to feel and be strong and also make sure that my visceral fat was at a healthy level. I have achieved this with SpeedFit. I no longer have knee pain, my shoulder pain has minimised and my lower back has been the best it has ever been. I feel great.

Knowing that I only have to schedule in one 20 minute session a week has freed my mind and enabled me to enjoy my life more. No more having to spend hours and hours at a gym each week just suits me to a tee at this stage of my life.

I started doing Park Run every Saturday morning. There was no way I could run it when I first started but I am able to run the 5km now.

My first Challenge at SpeedFit was so beneficial. It taught me a lot about nutrition and has helped me in my journey to maintain a healthy body. I have lost 5kgs and reduced my Visceral Fat in an optimal range. My muscle mass has also increased. It feels so good.

I love all the trainers I have come across in my SpeedFit journey. They are encouraging, knowledgeable and dedicated. They care. THANK YOU SPEEDFIT!


Domi – Studio manager and Lisa’s instructor

I’ve been training Lisa for a year now. I started to see her body changing after the first 8 week challenge she has done with me. She’s done such an amazing job, and when I look at her photos before and after I feel really proud! I personally think she has learnt a lot of about nutrition specially during the challenge and the samples of her meal she brought to the studio from time to time – omg so yum J Lisa is someone who shows up every week for her session, pushes extra hard to make the most of her training. I love to see her pain free, I love to see her active and I love how we can help to change client’s lifestyle. She is beautiful person inside out and that is what our “SpeedFit Cloisters family” is about.

We created an environment, where you not only get very effective 20 minute workout, but you also can find a friends or training buddy, support and motivation. Well done Lisa, all Team is very proud of you!






“I was quite skeptical at first, but WOW, how wrong I was!”


EMS is a unique technology and still yet quite new to Australia. Lots of people come for their first session and are very skeptical as they do not know what to expect. Sharon thought the same and she is part of the SpeedFit family for almost a year now. Check out what she said about her SpeedFit journey.

How did you hear about SpeedFit and why did you start with SpeedFit? (injury, weight loss, etc.)

“I was first introduced to SpeedFit by my sister-in-law who had been doing it for about 6 months and absolutely raved about it. She offered to contact the Cloisters studio to see if I could do a trial session. I must admit that I was quite skeptical at first, I mean how can you really get a good workout in just 20minutes just by doing little movement hooked up to this machine? WOW! How wrong was I! After my first session, I felt utterly exhausted and I was sore (my muscles had been on a holiday for about a year). I was sore the next couple of days all over, literally from my neck to my toes and I was astounded.”

It has been quite a journey for Sharon. Of course, nothing great happens overnight. She did not miss any session, motivated herself and to see her now happy and healthy is the best reward for our team too!

What changes have you noticed? What changed to lifestyle you have made –if any.

“I have been doing SpeedFit now for almost a year and still absolutely love it. The biggest changes I have noticed is my hips and waist. I have completed 2 eight-week challenges and have had different results for each one. Through the first challenge, I lost 6% body fat, gained 4kg muscle which I was really happy about. For the second challenge, I lost 7.5kg in weight and almost 30cm’s.   Although I didn’t gain any muscle in the second challenge, I was concentrating on the weight loss and was really happy with the results. Doing the weekly session has made me want to be even more active and I also enjoy ParkRun sessions on a Saturday morning and I try to walk from the Perth CBD to Leederville train station at least once or twice a week.”

Nutrition is obviously a big part of her success. After the 8 Week Challenge, she learned how to maintain a good diet and keep an active lifestyle.

Did you follow any sort of nutrition advice?

“Just before I started the last 8 Week Challenge I had started a new nutrition plan which involved intermittent fasting and I increased my good fat/protein intake. I reduced my carb intake but did not cut out altogether just enjoyed them at lunchtime. I had a one on one nutrition session with nutritionist Lauren which was really informative and made me look at my diet closer. I cut out my milk coffee first thing in the morning and replaced with a long black which didn’t take me long to get used to as I was expecting. This was really helpful as it meant that the first thing I was eating in the mornings was protein (with my eggs) rather than sugar from the milk in my coffee.”

We love having Sharon here every Wednesday morning. We adore her positive attitude and the fact she can make us laugh every single time!! What an amazing gift to have!

How did you go during your training sessions, what have you enjoyed the most?

“I still find each training session hard but so satisfying. The trainers that we have at Cloister, Domi and Mikey are fantastic and really know how to push me hard but still within my limits. I am amazed that after a year I still get sore after every session.”

How much have you lost, how do you feel now?

“Since I joined Speedfit I have lost a total of 10kg which I have struggled to do in the past year so couldn’t be happier with my results as I have maintained a great balance by enjoying the occasional naughty treat.   Although I was disappointed that I didn’t win the club challenge for my trainer Domi, I feel absolutely amazing and have a lot more confidence than I did before.”

Wow, what an amazing achievement. We are all proud of you and we are all happy to see your smiley face every week! We could not be more proud of you. WELL DONE, SHARON!





“I’m amazed at what a good workout it is each and every week.”


If you don’t know anyone who has done SpeedFit before, check out what our client Sean has to say.

My partner saw it advertised in the city and decided to give it a go. She thoroughly enjoyed it and encouraged me to go. I like the idea of working out but never seem to find the time or motivation – SpeedFit did all of that for me.


As soon as I started it I noticed

that my bum and legs got stiff after almost every workout! 🙂 No seriously, I felt stronger and better about myself in general. I also didn’t have the guilt that I wasn’t being active.

Nutrition has always been a key point but since I found what suits me best

I have never looked back. We follow the Keto way of lifestyle, which on holidays though, we generally skip the Keto diet we follow as it can get a little difficult. However, we usually don’t put on much weight, and that we do, we lose quickly again once we are back into our Keto and SpeedFit routine. The combination of regular exercise and a better diet led us to results which led to motivation.

Every SpeedFit session …

I leave exhausted but full of energy and I regularly feel stiff for a day or two afterwards even though I’ve been a SpeedFitter for 2 years already!! What I like most about it is the motivation, the convenience of one twenty-minute workout a week, and the instructors are really friendly and jovial!  

Feels so good that …

in the last 6 months or so I ensure that I take a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes per day as my line of work is seated with not much movement throughout the shift. I live in Iluka and SpeedFit Currambine is 1km away so I have now begun walking to and from SpeedFit and usually take longer routes.

With this #speedfitlifestyle

I have lost 13kgs in total. It could be more but I enjoy my wine too much! Hehe 🙂



Thank you for your encouragement, couldn’t have done it without you.


Sometimes you think it can’t be done but then…

My husband had been told about SpeedFit by a friend at work who’s wife had been attending SpeedFit for some time. We went down to check it out and were very interested and keen to try. We had tried normal gym’s and diets over the years with some success but always ended with not having enough time as we both work full time and slowly put on more weight and got more unfit as the years have gone by.

Before starting SpeedFit in Dec 2018 I was the heaviest I had ever been and just thought that was it. I couldn’t do anything about changing it as I had tried so many diets and exercise programs over the years with some success but only to put it back on and more afterwards. When I started at SpeedFit I weighed 110 Kilos which mortified me and I wore size 20-22 clothes which were very depressing. To date, I have lost 22 kilos but hope to lose another 10 to 15 kilos. I now am also fitting into size 14 to 16 clothes which is very exciting.


Sally showed strength improvements with a few sessions but what surprised and excited me the most was…

My back didn’t hurt anymore. The week leading up to starting SpeedFit I had been suffering from lower back and hip pain which I had on and off for years after having children.

What fantastic news!

Doing SpeedFit with my Husband has helped me be accountable, also my children who are young adults now. I want to be a good role model to them.

The more you have people supporting your journey the more likely you are to achieve your goals. And, if you think you cannot even start SpeedFit because you’ve been too unfit, you are wrong!

Before starting Speedfit we had done no exercise for about 8 months after quitting the gym. The only other exercise we do other than SpeedFit now is walking as it’s hard to make time for any other exercise with our work. But we have noticed and we can walk faster and longer after doing SpeedFit for some months.

The 20-minute workout will make your life a lot easier but you need to understand it is a lifestyle changing. Looking at your nutrition will contribute a lot to reach your goals quicker, and we can help you with that! Sally loves to cook which helped her to explore different ways of cooking and to try some new ingredients on her new way of eating. I have now found that it’s just a way of life and not a diet. I have had a “few” splurges along the way because life is to short not to enjoy things. But I use to eat that way every day and now it’s just every now and then.

So if you are thinking of trying SpeedFit here is the reason why you should not think twice.  

It’s just so easy to fit into your life and we have actually seen improvements in our strength and fitness unlike other fitness things we had tried in the past. Our friends and family have also noticed the difference too. All the instructors are so encouraging and keep us going. I look forward to exercising now which I have never done before. We have had a few work friends join SpeedFit and plenty of people ask us what we are doing. We highly recommend it to anyone of any age.

Well done Sally!! We couldn’t be prouder of you and this wonderful journey we have seen you going through. Thanks for trusting us!

Linda Jane

Linda Jane Lawrence

“SpeedFit gave me my life back! I was totally addicted after my first session & it shrunk me 8 dress sizes. It has greatly reduced my arthritic pain, reduced my cellulite, toned my body & defined my muscles. It makes me happy, fit and also got me to come out my comfort zone. SpeedFit taught me never to give up.”