SpeedFit Energize Cardio Program


SpeedFit Energize

Created to supplement SpeedFit Activate (your Strength Program) and shift focus towards the cardiovascular system, this additional Cardio class launching in 2019 will help take your training to the next level.

The program’s aim is to focus on increasing your heart rate and overall work capacity in a short and efficient high intensity workout.

Ideally designed to allow for a balance between strength and conditioning, this workout is dynamic, yet low impact.

Think non-stop fun and movement, this workout will leave you feeling energized!

Our SpeedFit program’s are one of a kind and can be adapted and tailored for all fitness levels and populations.

The SpeedFit ‘Energize’ Cardio program is designed to be the perfect complimentary session to the SpeedFit ‘Activate’ Strength program.

We wanted to deliver an additional session which allows you to challenge your fitness, training & routine.

SpeedFit Energize is best used as a complementary active recovery session or a specific based training routine.

Why add SpeedFit Energize to your fitness program?

  • Efficient, time saving alternative- 20 minute routine
  • Targeted metabolic training (anaerobic  & aerobic capacity)
  • Designed to increase muscle strength & endurance.
  • Designed to increase metabolism to assist with fat burning.
  • Potential for an increased metabolic state post exercise (oxygen debt)
  • Opportunity to increase VO2 Max and overall fitness.
  • Mode of active recovery to help remove metabolic waste in the muscle.

We have programmed SpeedFit Energize to allow for a heightened and elongated metabolic activity during and post exercise. Essentially it combines elements of the Tabata Protocol, made popular by Dr Izumi Tabata and other various HIIT modalities, as a catalyst for targeting and improving the cardiovascular system.

Put simply, the idea behind our program requires repeated bouts of high intensity movement intervals balanced out with minimal bout’s of active rest. This leads to an improvement in Cardiovascular and Cardiorespiratory Fitness, which is the ability of the body to deliver rich oxygenated blood to the muscles and how the muscles can then utilize oxygen as a source of energy to produce movement.

The benefits of this style of training can be associated with helping to train your body to be efficient at producing and using energy from the anaerobic energy system. There is a consensus that this mode of training can also serve as an effective means to increase VO2 max. It is also a very efficient time saving alternative if performed correctly. Lastly this form of conditioning has the ability to lead the body to adapt to using stored fat stores as a source of energy during exercise and elongating the metabolic activity post exercise.

What should you do to prepare for your first SpeedFit Energize session:

  • Make sure you are HYDRATED & you have consumed the Fresh Up available to you prior to the workout.

What to be aware of in your SpeedFit Energize session:

  • While you should still set an intensity that is comfortable and challenging, be aware you may see higher intensities that you would experience in a Strength session.
  • Be aware that the routine will creep up on you quite quickly, so make sure you use the active rest periods during the workout.
  • It is recommended and encouraged to stay close to the machine for support, balance or the need to rest.
  • Ensure your breathing is steady

How can I fit the Energize program into my routine?

As a SpeedFit client, you may only attend once a week as after your strength workout, your body needs 72 hours for recovery.

The Energize program can be used as a means of active recovery for you to increase blood flow and manage muscle fatigue and muscle soreness.

We recommend to have at minimum 36-48 hours post an Energize session before completing a Strength or Cardio Session. 

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