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  • Harness the power of low impact EMS training
  • Maximise your time with an insanely effective workout
  • Combine strength & cardio workouts for just 2×20 mins p/w


12-week programs include 24 sessions for $109.95 per week
26-week programs include 52 sessions for $99.95 per week

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What’s included?

Our current special is designed to introduce you to SpeedFit. So what do you get?

  • Your first week at half the price
  • Induction to SpeedFit
  • Preworkout supplement
  • Semi-private SpeedFit training
  • Post-workout shake
  • Free bodysuit hire

Best of all, these exercise sessions will take only 40 minutes of your precious time over 2 sessions. Your first week of sessions have a total value of $99.95 and we’re offering it to you for only $50.

*Valid for new SpeedFit clients only. Must be used in 3 months.

Past SpeedFit Challenge Winners!

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Results you can see for yourself.

We have just finished up an 8-week challenge focussed on strength training over 3 sessions per fortnight, and the results speak for themselves!

Across Australia, SpeedFit-goers are discovering just how easy it is to make their health & fitness a top priority. Over 2 short months, they are seeing rapid weight loss combined with improvements in posture, back pain and other injuries.

So if all that can be achieved in 3 sessions a fortnight, imagine your own transformation by adding 1 more session to your routine for the small commitment of an extra 20 minutes out of your week.

Plus, for the summer challenge, we will be working in cardio on top of the strength training, to give you an all-round body toning & fitness workout.

See the results below for some recent real-life inspo, and sign up for our obligation-free trial week to start on your own SpeedFit journey.

*Valid for new SpeedFit clients only. Must be used in 3 months.

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The 20-minute workout.
Too good to be true?

Nope. It’s true. Unlike zero-calorie beer or fancy-schmancy fat-melting tablets, SpeedFit is the real deal. In just 20 minutes, you can achieve the same results as several hours spent sweating in the gym.

Why so effective?

SpeedFit uses EMS training (electronic muscle stimulation), a scientifically proven method that’s been used for decades in Europe. It’s low-impact, kind on joints and tendons, helps sculpt your body, reduce cellulite, build powerful muscles and gain strength.

Just don’t be surprised if, like many others, you also drop a few dress or trouser sizes. SpeedFit works. (TRUE dat.)

*Valid for new SpeedFit clients only. Must be used in 3 months.

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No Time for the Gym?

If you can’t stand the thought of wasting precious minutes driving to the gym, let alone spending hours in one every week, then perhaps you need something a little more economical, a little speedier. Like SpeedFit.

SpeedFit is the go-to fitness choice for time-poor peeps everywhere.

Whether you’re a busy mumma-bear, a sleep-deprived start-up, working 9-to-5 or studying like a MOFO, SpeedFit can help get you into shape, fast. Now, you can tone your body, build power and strength, improve your posture and alleviate back pain without watching precious time tick away.

In just 2 SpeedFit sessions per week, a total of just 40 minutes, you can achieve the same results as several hours spent sweating in the gym.

*Valid for new SpeedFit clients only. Must be used in 3 months.


Nicki Trappitt

Love this place super friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere
Highly recommend it 🙂

Anita Carver

Just did my first trial session with Amanda this morning. My glutes and hammies are super sore but I loved it!!! Can’t wait to come back!!!!

Joanna Humphries

Thank you to Roland and Amanda for my first introduction to speedfit! I had fun thanks

Colleen Buck

My first time this week as as part of a trial offer and I really enjoyed it! Very different and unique way of training! Booked to go next week!

Jenny Pardini

Been going 6 months to Osborne Park Studio and absolutely loving it. As a health coach myself i use the 80/20 rule 80% Nutrition 20 % Excercise .
So my 80% has been great for last 20 years my 20% wasn’t .
The only thing I have changed…

Monique Sime

So fun! Quick and I can feel it already. Unique workout

Sarah Martin

Had 3 sessions and loving it, looking forward to the next session

Sandy Murphy

Very friendly environment. Trainers are friendly and funny. Like to laugh and have fun. Never had such a great time doing a workout

Anne Ballinger

What a friendly fun loving place Northbridge Speedfit is.

Speedfit Image

SpeedFit is different.
Here’s why.

SpeedFit uses EMS training to deeply tone your muscles, build power and strength, improve posture and alleviate back pain – without watching the precious time tick away.

  • Sculpt your body. Lose Weight + Body Fat
  • Build Powerful Muscles + Weight + Strengthen your Body
  • Easy on Joints + Tendons
  • Dramatically Reduce Cellulite
  • Improve your posture
  • Improve your Health + Wellbeing

Wouldn’t you like to make a little time for that?

*Valid for new SpeedFit clients only. Must be used in 3 months.

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