Northbridge, WA

SpeedFit Northbridge is easily accessible for those living or working nearby and for those commuting on Mitchell Freeway. It’s only 300 m from the Charles Street exit  (from south) and 500 m from James Street exit (from north on Mitchel or west on Graham Farmer FWY).

Positioned on the edge of the CBD, it’s a 10-minute walk from King Street.


Plenty of paid street parking is available, free parking on Sundays.

Free street parking is available on Palmerston Street (between Newcastle & Bulwer Streets: 1-2-min walk)

Public transport

SpeedFit Northbridge is less than 200 m from Blue Cat bus stop number 9. Click here for Perth CAT bus timetables and map.

Bus stops

Fitzgerald St before Aberdeen St (Stop No: 12817) & Fitzgerald St before Newcastle St (Stop No: 12820) – 250m or 3-min walk (

Roe Street bus station – 750m or 10-min walk

Perth railway station – 1km or 12-min walk

We look forward to your visit! Contact us on 9328 3448 (Northbridge) any time.

Paula - Studio Manager

Paula has been in the fitness industry for over 3 years. She has always loved sports from a young age, from Netball to athletics she could never get herself away from it. She completed her degree in Exercise and Sports Science in 2015 which increased her passion for health and fitness. 

She loves challenges and accomplishing goals. She says, “Every week, every day there is a new goal to achieve. Whether it be gaining muscle, losing fat or even just eating healthier. I love the feeling of accomplishing what I set my mind to.” She loves being a part of the SpeedFit team as she can accomplish her own goals as well as her clients’. Every session is a challenge but also very rewarding. 

Paula plays touch rugby in her spare time. Her biggest tip is “To keep a strong mind-frame. The more determined you are the easier it is to achieve your goals big or small.”



Having started in the fitness world very young where I started bodybuilding at the age of 13, I then moved into playing Soccer and Galic football for Western Australia. As I progressed in age I moved into personal training, helping these clients to only achieve personal fitness goals but personal goals in life. This is what gave me the most satisfaction in my role as a trainer. I am continued to be motivated to achieve my own personal fitness goals as I want to provide a “no excuse” example for my clients. I am also continually upgrading my skills to enhance and better serve my clients. 

I love the scientific principles of SpeedFit and the clients are always fun and energetic (pun intended). I see all my clients come in and complain of either back, muscular weakness and after a very few sessions, they are stronger fitter and happier. Just remember to breathe and set your self mini goals within larger goals. 



Chris has been living in Australia for 13 years and has been a fitness fanatic for 9 years. He is into competitive sports, calisthenics, and cross-training from which he got the inspiration to pursue his fitness career. He has finished Cert III and Cert IV in fitness and is enjoying the rewarding career since 2015. He started off his career in Goodlife training people with technique & demonstration skills, social skills and motivational skills, and found this rewarding.



Jessica has been a Personal Trainer for 5 years now. She always had a passion for sports, fitness, and health ever since she was little. Now she gets to help people achieve their fitness goals which is exciting and rewarding for her. When she heard about SpeedFit and the advanced technology she was eager to learn more and give it a try! 

What motivates Jessica is helping and seeing clients achieve their goals. She is delighted when clients say, “I couldn’t have done this without your help”, and that she made a positive impact on their lives.

She says, “Staying motivated to achieve your goals is about commitment and how much you really want it. The next step is to taking action in your diet plan and staying motivated in changing into a lifestyle. Having health and Fitness as your lifestyle is what makes it easier. We, trainers, are here to help and support you along the way.”