Myaree, WA


6/16-32 Hulme Court, Myaree WA 6154

Telephone number: 

(08) 6277 0083

Located near the corner of Leach Hwy and North Lake Road, Myaree, SpeedFit is next to six car dealerships (Mitsubishi, Kia, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan) and near the United petrol station and Bunnings.

We are open from Monday to Friday, 6 AM to 10 PM; Saturday: 6 AM to 3 PM. Sundays and public holidays by appointment only.

Public transport:

Bus 502 stops from Bullcreek station to Fremantle train station


Bullcreek train station is 4.7km  (1-hour walk) away, and connects to the 502 bus


Ample free parking at the door



Casey Crisp (Studio Manager)

For me, fitness has always been about improving the quality of life. And I love helping others become fit so they can do the same. Whether it’s helping someone keep up with their kids, improve their self-esteem or help with their fitness and endurance so they can improve their sport, witnessing the positive change is so uplifting.

In 2013, I completed my fitness qualifications and soon started a free motocross fitness boot camp for juniors in the motocross community.  After these kids completed Boot Camp, it was so rewarding to see their improvements – and even the number of crashes reduced.

I have a Certificate III & IV in Personal Training, am a  R.E.H.A.B Trainer and am a certified Punchfit – Boxing for Fitness trainer.

I was a bit sceptical of SpeedFit when I first heard of it. But after the first training session, I was amazed (and had some pretty awesome delayed onset muscle soreness). Having been involved in fitness for over six years, I could see that this is where the fitness industry was heading – and I wanted to be part of it.

I love being able to help people who have given up on their fitness because of injury or pain. To give them something they can do to improve the quality of life and even reduce the pain is incredible.

Outside SpeedFit, I put my body through hell. With racing motocross, downhill mountain biking and wakeboarding, it’s nice to have a low-impact exercise option.


I’ve always had a passion for fitness since high school, and started weight lifting at 16. I love working with nutrition and herbs for vitality and well-being; even when I was still a teen, I started helping my family with their various health conditions. It was these interests that led me to my qualifications today: I have a Cert III & IV in Fitness, and I’m a Certified Nutrition coach.

There are heaps of fitness gimmicks out there, so I’ve always been sceptical about new fitness trends. But after training at SpeedFit for a couple of months, I was surprised at how much it worked. It gave me incredible results, especially considering I was only doing one 20-minute session a week! Combining technology with fitness is the future, and the fitness industry has been long overdue for an upgrade.

Seeing my clients achieve incredible results in such a short time, especially when some have given up hope on their fitness goals due to injury, or just having no time, is the best part of my job here at SpeedFit.

In my spare time, I love getting out in nature whenever I can, whether it’s surfing, hiking or training at calisthenics parks. I lead a pretty active lifestyle. Also, I practice yoga and meditation as much as I can; it’s super important to have that balance.