Claremont, WA

Conveniently located near Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre, we’re on the corner of St Quentin Avenue & Stirling Street (west end of St Quentin Avenue on the south side, across from Tyrepower car park)

Our Claremont branch has it all:

  • Easy commuting just off Stirling Highway
  • Less than 10 mins walk from Claremont train station
  • Across the road from Claremont Quarter SC


Free 1-hr street parking is available on St Quentin Avenue & adjacent streets in the area

Free 3-hr parking is available in Claremont Quarter & more free above-ground parking near Typika Cafe

Public transport

Bus stop Stirling Hwy after Stirling Road (Stop No: 10366) – 190m or 2-min walk (

Bus stop Stirling Hwy after Queenslea Dr (Stop No: 10404) – 210m or 2-min walk (

Bus stop Stirling Rd after Mount St (Stop No: 19534) – less than 50m or less than 1-min walk (

Claremont Train Station – 600m or 8-min walk

We look forward to your visit!  Contact us on 9384 6182 (Claremont) at any time.


Raph (Studio Manager)

I started my journey with a few sports here and there such as soccer and touch rugby. Then I found myself in the gym, training for general fitness. I later began my journey as a trainer and have carried on for five years with certificates in TRX training, behavioural change in exercise and sports nutrition. I’ve trained all kinds of clients, ranging from young uni students to senior members.

After working so long in the conventional gym environment, I thought it would be time to branch out. Soon after, I found SpeedFit, an entirely new way of training for me, and I haven’t looked back since. From weights to Electronic Muscle Stimulation, I’ve loved every second.

As a trainer with SpeedFit, I’ll always motivate and support every single person from the beginning to the end of each session.

I keep myself active with basketball and the occasional run along with my dog and have competed in a powerlifting competition. And now, I also do SpeedFit!


Growing up, I suffered from many health conditions which severely impacted my body and physical abilities. These problems kick-started my passion for nutrition and healing the body through food, and gave me an appreciation for movement and physical rehabilitation – all of which has inspired my diverse career path involving personal training, mobility, Yoga and nutrition. I’ve worked both nationally and overseas in fitness, inspiring and assisting individuals from all different walks of life to become better, stronger, and happier versions of themselves.

I have a Certificate III & IV in Fitness, a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Trainer certification, Diploma in Nutritional therapy, and a Diploma in Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

I started working at SpeedFit in 2017. Its encompassing approach towards fitness from a mobility and functional movement based approach – devoid of drastic and dangerous methods – really jumped out at me. SpeedFit is quick, convenient, and effective strength training workout which caters to an extremely broad demographic.

SpeedFit represents everything that I as a trainer stand for. I was also drawn towards the small, family-based approach, where my contributions were welcomed to improve and grow that company as a whole.

The best part of my job here is, without a doubt, the clients. They inspire me every day and motivate me to be a better version of myself. Seeing how hard they work, and watching them positively transform their lives each week, fills me with a joy that I cannot begin to explain. Absolute legends, every one of them!



I started practising team sports like rugby, volleyball and soccer from a very young age and developed a passion for an active lifestyle. Even as a young girl, I was amazed at how my body would get stronger each year!

In 2014, I completed my Bachelor’s in Sports, Physical Condition and Fitness. Then, for three years I worked as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I’ve trained all kind of clients ranging from young uni students to senior members. I have a cross-training certificate and Bachelor’s degree in Sports, Physical Conditioning and Fitness from Portugal, and a Cert III in Fitness, from Australia.

I fell in love with SpeedFit instantly and joined the company in 2019. After expressing so different types of training, I was looking for a challenging yet safe and joint friendly type of training regime. SpeedFit is fun, challenging and exciting. It makes you connect mind and body, allowing you to have the best results from your training. I love being able to help change people’s life for the better. The SpeedFit lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, and I want to share this with others.

In my spare time, I like to practice yoga, swim at the beach and enjoy the sunsets!