SpeedFit studios are now open across 11 locations in Western Australia, following COVID-19 Phase 2 restrictions implemented Monday 18th May.

View our Safety Plan to learn more about the steps we are taking to deliver SpeedFit sessions in a safe environment. For more details, see our COVID-19 FAQ's page ►

Hello Sydney, the Smarter Workout is here!

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Scientifically proven, EMS mimics the natural action of your central nervous system acrobat xi pro 다운로드. It sends electrical impulses from a custom-designed suit through your body that contract your muscles while you work out. The method is extremely time efficient, requiring only one 20-minute session a week Cortana.

SpeedFit studios are extremely convenient for busy people, providing everything you need: workout gear, electrolyte and protein drinks every session, showers and well-appointed change rooms 핑크 노트패드. Plus, all studios are child-friendly.

Your free trial includes:

  • One SpeedFit session
  • Body composition scan
  • Hire of SpeedFit exercise garments
  • Pre-workout isotonic electrolyte drink
  • Post-workout protein shake
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See why everyone’s talking about SpeedFit

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No Time for the Gym ?

SpeedFit offers you a complete fitness solution in a fraction of the time it would normally take at the gym with regular exercise acrobat xi pro 다운로드.

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The science behind SpeedFit

SpeedFit combines Personal Training with EMS, giving your muscles a deeper, more effective workout in a fraction of the time acrobat xi pro 다운로드.

EMS is a state-of-the-art machine that mimics the natural action of your central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to your muscles, causing them to contract Cortana. In a short workout, your personal trainer will put you through a customised workout where you will experience up to 150 muscle contractions per muscle group, with over eight muscle groups targeted 핑크 노트패드.

“This is what makes SpeedFit one of the most effective ways to work out.”

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Your complete Fitness Solution

SpeedFit EMS Personal Training is the complete fitness solution for all-round training that produces rapid, effective and visible results acrobat xi pro 다운로드. Body fat is reduced, weight is shed, and muscles are gently defined as your physical strength and endurance improve with every session.

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Customised to suit you

That’s right, we’ll customise a program to suit your fitness levels and goals. Because when it comes to transforming bodies, we have an impeccable track record with both former couch potatoes and seasoned athletes alike acrobat xi pro 다운로드.

SpeedFit is low-impact, low exertion, and can be tailored to suit any level of fitness.

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Nicki Trappitt


Love this place super friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere
Highly recommend it 🙂

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Anita Carver

레이맨 레전드 다운로드

Just did my first trial session with Amanda this morning. My glutes and hammies are super sore but I loved it!!! Can’t wait to come back!!!!

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Joanna Humphries

Download the pledge

Thank you to Roland and Amanda for my first introduction to speedfit! I had fun thanks

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Colleen Buck

Tetris Android

My first time this week as as part of a trial offer and I really enjoyed it! Very different and unique way of training! Booked to go next week!

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Jenny Pardini


Been going 6 months to Osborne Park Studio and absolutely loving it. As a health coach myself i use the 80/20 rule 80% Nutrition 20 % Excercise .
So my 80% has been great for last 20 years my 20% wasn’t Just cartoon.
The only thing I have changed…

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Sarah Martin

Sandy Murphy

Kiss the rain

Very friendly environment. Trainers are friendly and funny. Like to laugh and have fun. Never had such a great time doing a workout

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Anne Ballinger

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