Easy on joints & tendons.

No pain, all gain.

Little or no weights are used during a SpeedFit workout, so there’s virtually no strain on your joints and tendons. Instead, your work-out is controlled through EMS – or electro-myo stimulation. This is revolutionary for those with joint problems or injuries, who conventionally found exercise more difficult.

No jumping or running required to lose weight

SpeedFit EMS training is low impact. The session can be as gentle as you like, or, we can turn it up a notch or ten  – and give you something your  muscles will remember! Either way, there’s no running, jumping or skipping required to lose body fat.

Correct muscle imbalances with EMS training

EMS training can be used to address muscle imbalances. Weaker muscles can be targeted and strengthened, allowing overworked muscles to relax.

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Sculpt your body, Lose Weight + Body Fat

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Build Powerful Muscles + Strengthen your Body

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Easy on Joints + Tendons

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Dramatically Reduce Cellulite

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Improve your posture

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Improve your Health + Wellbeing

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