SpeedFit studios are now open across 16 locations in Western Australia and New South Wales. Find your nearest studio.

All SpeedFit locations have developed their Safety Plans and implemented the necessary changes so that we can deliver SpeedFit sessions in a safe environment, for both yourself and our staff. Following relaxed restrictions, face-to-face sessions have now resumed in our Western Australian and New South Wales studios.

Learn more about the steps we are taking to ensure your safety via our Frequently Asked Questions below.

When is SpeedFit ready to reopen?

SpeedFit will be reopening its doors this coming Monday the 18th of May across most Western Australia Studio locations. We encourage you to contact your studio to book an appointment at the earliest of opportunity.

Will I be able to book online through the SpeedFit App?

At this point in time, online bookings have been temporarily suspended. This is due to making sure SpeedFit staff can safely operate and manage the amount of people entering and exiting the studio due to SpeedFit operating on reduced hours at this point in time. All clients will be notified when online bookings through the SpeedFit Branded App will resume.

Is SpeedFit allowed to reopen and how will you maintain physical distancing?

Yes, in accordance with Phase 2 of Western Australia’s Covid Road Map, the recent granting of indoor and outdoor fitness classes to a maximum of 20 people allows SpeedFit to open its doors and resume business as per normal. In regards to physical distancing, it is important to follow the marked signs in the studio that outline at least 1.5m spacing from the reception desk, seating area and training area. Also due to the recommendation of each occupant having a 4sqm space the max number of occupants allowed into SpeedFit is 15.

How will SpeedFit maintain clients safety and what protocols have been implemented?

Yes SpeedFit has implemented a strict hygiene and cleaning protocol to provide the safest environment for all that come to Speedfit. Regularly touched surface areas and equipment will be disinfected regularly in between each client with alcohol based disinfectant. Alcohol based hand sanitizer station will be available at entry, suit up zone & drinks station. Also all shared equipment has been removed including children’s toys,training equipment & shared beauty equipment.

What should I bring to my SpeedFit work out?

We encourage clients to come dressed to train in their undergarments which can be purchased at the studio. Suitable footwear including Speedfit socks or runners are compulsory to be worn in studios and during sessions. Bring your own water bottle and protein shaker if possibly. We have adopted a get in train, get out philosophy to help adhere to regulations.

Will I still be able to make my pre workout and post workout drinks at SpeedFit

Clients are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and protein shakes. The self-serve zone will be available for use, with the restriction of 1 person at the self-serve zone at a time, maintaining 1.5 m physical distancing at all times. Clients are encouraged to use a single glass and are to place directly in the dishwasher after use. All used glasses will be placed on a high wash temperature.

What happens if my membership is suspended and I want to resuming training at SpeedFit again?

We encourage everyone to continue their fitness journey by commencing their training with SpeedFit again, providing that we all take the necessary steps to protect ourselves. If your membership has been suspended during the lockdown, then it will be unsuspended come Monday the 18th ,unless stated otherwise, so clients may begin to complete their training sessions that week. Our team have been contacting all our clients over the last week to organise your bookings and membership activations. If you have not yet been contacted, please contact your studio of choice and organise for your appointments to be made and/or your memberships to be activated again.

I have been prepaying for my membership whilst SpeedFit has been closed, what will happen to these prepayments?

We appreciate every client that supported SpeedFit during the lockdown period. For those of you who did make prepayments for their sessions, those sessions have been reimbursed to your account to be used at your convenience. So you may choose to add an extra session in each week on top of your weekly schedule. These reimbursed sessions will have an expiry of up to three months per session, but can be used at any given time to supplement into your current training schedule.

Will SpeedFit still provide free undergarment hire for use?

Yes SpeedFit will continue to allow clients to have access to the free garment hire. However it is highly encouraged that clients who do hire them purchase their own set of undergarments. That being said, SpeedFit has a strict hygiene and washing protocol for the garments that are washed on a daily basis. For clients who do have their own garments we encourage you to come wearing them and to adopt a ‘get in, train, get out’ approach.

Will I be able to use the showers?

To adhere to strict hygiene protools showers will be closed and unavailable for use. Toilets located in bathrooms will still be available to use.