Linda Jane

Linda Jane Lawrence

“SpeedFit gave me my life back! I was totally addicted after my first session & it shrunk me 8 dress sizes. It has greatly reduced my arthritic pain, reduced my cellulite, toned my body & defined my muscles. It makes me happy, fit and also got me to come out my comfort zone. SpeedFit taught me never to give up.”


Paul Garvino

“When I first went to SpeedFit I had low self-esteem and low confidence. I felt weak and fat. Essentially, I had let myself go. My lifestyle and diet had led me to this deeply unhappy and unfulfilling place. I knew I had to change. I didn’t want to accept that this was how my life was going to be.

One night when I was at my lowest, I turned to google and found SpeedFit. This was one of the greatest decisions of my life. Without sounding too dramatic, Roland has completely changed my life. I have lost 18 kg in 4 months and gave gained lean muscle and strength.

The most gratifying aspect is the improvement in my self-esteem and frame of mind. It has impacted every facet of my life; my relationships, career and general enjoyment of life. A world of opportunity has opened up to me that I couldn’t have conceived of before. I will be forever grateful for what Roland has done for me; he is more than a personal trainer, he is my guru!”

Rae N Ken

Rae N Ken Walker

“Started my Speedfit journey 2 years ago to help with back pain… what a success! The constant pain is gone and a much-reduced incidence of chronic breakdown. I was 101.5kg with a BMI over 30, very high cholesterol levels and was considered obese.

In February this year I had smashed my goals, achieving a weight of 83.5kg, BMI at 25 and normal cholesterol levels.

Speedfit has helped with the discipline and motivation to change exercise and eating habits. A change in lifestyle that is enjoyable and has given me the confidence to take on the world.

Pretty good for a young 57 year old, more time with the family (maybe even outrun/outlast the grandkids)!”


Lisa Marie

“From a broken back, to training for an Everest Base Camp trek! That’s the results from my #speedfitlifestyle .

After I broke my back, rehab was painful & frustrating. I worked so hard for almost no progress. Then I found SpeedFit. I read heaps of research on how EMS training like SpeedFit has great results for people with injuries like mine so gave it a go. With my 20 minute weekly session, I started to make progress, I was building strength, I toned up and my pain massively reduced.

Two years on, I’ve lost weight, but my best results aren’t represented on the scales. My best results have been in getting my life back.

Now I am strong. I can join in. I can work a full day painfree & I’m body confident. I’m training to trek to Everest Base Camp- something I never dreamed I’d be capable of before. I have muscles for the first time I can remember – I’m grateful – I’m stronger and healthier than ever before.”


Becky Mitchell

“I’m so time poor with a special needs little dude who has so many appointments each week plus I work part time. I noticed an advert for SpeedFit and signed up for a trial. After the first session I was hooked and signed up straight away I’m loving it the trainers are amazing and are always encouraging to push me that little further each time .

As well as SpeedFit I have been following the Keto diet, I’m now 6kgs down and feeling so much healthier so glad I found SpeedFit.”


Cathy Sperling

“Since starting at SpeedFit 6 weeks ago I honestly do feel stronger, healthier  and happier. I have lost a couple of kilos but the double chins show there’s a bit (a lot) more to go haha but as Roland says, even baby steps are steps in the right direction. From flaking out at one of my early sessions to today when asked if I wanted to go easy or hard, I said HARD and I had an awesome workout that I definitely couldn’t have done a couple of months ago = PROGRESS. I look forward to my sessions and looking forward to exercising is definitely a new concept to me!”



Dagmar Slobodnikova

“I joined SpeedFit about 5 months ago and I wouldn’t go back to regular gym!!! It’s not only that I have a personal trainer every session for full 20mins of training “only” but it fits my lifestyle as I always manage to find time to come to SpeedFit once a week. I have also changed my eating habits which I am very grateful for. Eating better than ever, feeling healthier,more energetic and I also dropped 6kg in 10 weeks. Fantastic Bioscan Evolt 360 is also available to track and analyse your progress. “


Clarita Vidal

“Since starting at SpeedFit I have dropped 2 dress sizes in 4 weeks! This is by doing speed fit once a week, having a balanced diet, taking Keto-OS and keeping active in my spare time (usually dancing or power walking). 

SpeedFit not only gives you the opportunity to reach your goals effectively and in a safe manner, but allows you to enjoy the things you love in your spare time . What more could you want?

20 minutes and you’ve literally done 3 hours worth of working out at the gym, plus getting all the wonderful benefits exercise provides!
Better mood, weight loss, improved quality of life, improved posture and so much more!”


Jenna Wilmshurst

“On my second month at #speedfitnorthsydney and loving it! Low impact exercise great for my knees and it has really helped strengthen my lower back which has been painful since pregnancy. 5kgs down and counting!”