North Sydney, NSW

Located at  157 Walker Street (cnr Berry & Walker Street) SpeedFit North Sydney is a 7-minute walk (500 m) from North Sydney train station.

We’re open from Monday to Friday, 6 AM to 10 PM; Saturday: 6 AM to 3 PM. Sundays and public holidays by appointment only.


Anna brings over a decade of experience in the wellness industry ( Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindfulness).  With two Diplomas in Business and Accounting and a corporate background her values fully align with Speedfit’s – save time and offer effective fitness solutions for genuinely time-poor people.

As a young adult, Anna has recovered from a life-threatening illness through healthy nutrition and mind training exercises. Since then the healthy choices became not only her lifestyle but also an example for others. Her recovery gave a deeper understanding of wellbeing: the fundamental importance of the nervous system functionality, the vitality of nutrients and the power of considered movement. These are the essentials for a thriving wellbeing and, consequently, an optimum performance level.


Playing sports has been in Hani’s blood since she started walking. It has always been her channel to obtain positive energy, especially from sprinting and playing various sports such as Handball and Rugby. 

She started Personal Training in Malaysia after obtaining her Certificate in Fat Loss Bootcamp program by the Australian Strength Performance designed by Ben Sioong from Melbourne. She started Personal Training/Coaching with Charity boot camps and freelancing until she built herself up in the Malaysian fitness industry, managed a Hybrid gym, ran classes for 1.5 years, and worked with Adidas Malaysia as an ambassador. The little details of the human biomechanics and nutrition intrigued her to further my knowledge in Australia and that’s when she pursued Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness.

Hani always loved engaging with people and helping them understand their bodies best. Most importantly, to avoid the mistakes she made prior to learning fitness such as fad diets and obsessively tracking the numbers on the weighing scale to name a few. For her to know when clients have reached beyond their goal and changed their lives, that moment is golden. She was interested to learn more about EMS to broaden her PT experience and use it as a tool complementing other training methods.

Apart from fitness & health, Hani loves fashion, beauty & photography!