Claremont, WA

Conveniently located near Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre, we’re on the corner of St Quentin Avenue & Stirling Street (west end of St Quentin Avenue on the south side, across from Tyrepower car park)

Our Claremont branch has it all:

  • Easy commuting just off Stirling Highway
  • Less than 10 mins walk from Claremont train station
  • Across the road from Claremont Quarter SC


Free 1-hr street parking is available on St Quentin Avenue & adjacent streets in the area

Free 3-hr parking is available in Claremont Quarter & more free above-ground parking near Typika Cafe

Public transport

Bus stop Stirling Hwy after Stirling Road (Stop No: 10366) – 190m or 2-min walk (

Bus stop Stirling Hwy after Queenslea Dr (Stop No: 10404) – 210m or 2-min walk (

Bus stop Stirling Rd after Mount St (Stop No: 19534) – less than 50m or less than 1-min walk (

Claremont Train Station – 600m or 8-min walk

We look forward to your visit!  Contact us on 9384 6182 (Claremont) at any time.

Lauren - Studio Manager

Lauren is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Yoga instructor with a passion for wellness and healthy living. For as long as she can remember, she has followed her true calling in life; Helping others.

With over 5 years of experience, Lauren has worked in a variety of settings including natural health, strength and conditioning, elderly mobility, weight loss and group fitness. Her passion for fitness and travel has seen her working onboard luxury cruise ships around the world and teaching Yoga throughout India and Nepal.



Helen has always been sporty and active ever since she can remember. She tried all sorts of sports throughout her childhood and finally found her passion in athletics and basketball that she practiced for years. Ever since her adulthood, she has been training on her own and constantly trying to find new ways to challenge her body and improve her fitness.

She decided to leave office jobs behind and take a new direction when she came to Australia. She got qualified as a personal trainer, made it into a career and haven’t looked back ever since. She’s a big believer that exercising in any form can be an answer to so many of our problems and help us to be more productive and happier in our everyday lives. She likes to help people on their fitness journey, be there for them and motivate them and celebrate the small and big victories. 



Exceeding my client’s expectation is important for all things fitness and Speedfit is no different! Coming from a wide range of fitness avenues, I feel like my experiences can only benefit the clients around me. Speedfit has shown me a new way of training which I am always ready to take on and explore. The convenience and payoff really appeals to me as well as mixing it with other training methods 

It is always important for the clients to enjoy themselves, saying that it is our duty as trainers to push our clients in order to boost their motivation and reach their goals. Successful clients will always come in for a session whether they have had a bad day or not completely up for it, that way they can turn a task of working out into a habit that they can’t go without.